Yellow Glass Vase S | Liang & Eimil Aura

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Introducing Aura, a masterpiece in glass craftsmanship that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. This exquisite glass vase, with its captivating amber-clear hue, effortlessly combines elegance and modern design.

The warm, amber tones of the Aura Small Vase creates a mesmerising play of light, casting a radiant glow that illuminates your surroundings. Its sleek silhouette and flawless transparency showcase the artistry of glasswork, making it a striking focal point in any room.

Pairing seamlessly with the large Aura, our grey and clear glass vase, they form a harmonious duo that enhances your decor with a modern and balanced aesthetic. The cool grey tones complement Aura’s warm amber, creating a dynamic interplay of colors and textures that elevate the overall ambience.

Whether displayed individually to make a bold statement or together for a curated ensemble, Aura promises to be the epitome of style and refinement in your space. Elevate your interior with timeless beauty, where artistry meets functionality.

  • W6 x D6 x H7 in 
  • W17 x D17 x H18 cm
  • Materials | Glass

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