Cylindrical Black Ceramic Vase | Liang & Eimil Santi I

Liang & EimilSKU: LIALE012-ACSR-4284

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Behold the Santi I Ceramic Vase in Black with a daring twist of Red within. Elevate your space with this tall, intricate masterpiece, a symphony of sophistication and bold design. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic allure of the deep black exterior, concealing the passionate crimson hidden within.

Standing proudly, this vase commands attention with its impressive height, drawing the eye to the meticulous details that adorn its surface. A dance of intricate patterns unfolds, creating a visual tapestry that speaks volumes about craftsmanship and artistry.

What truly sets the Santi I Ceramic Vase apart is the unexpected touch of elegance, a white tab delicately gracing its side. This subtle addition not only contrasts the intense hues but also serves as a minimalist accent, adding a touch of contemporary chic to the overall aesthetic.

Embrace the fusion of drama and subtlety as the Santi I Ceramic Vase becomes a focal point in your decor. Redefine sophistication with this unique blend of black allure, red passion, and the timeless beauty of intricate design.

  • W6 x D5 x H16 in 
  • W15 x D13 x H40 cm
  • Materials | Ceramic

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