Black Ceramic Vase | Liang & Eimil Arvasia

Liang & EimilSKU: LIALE012-ACSR-4275

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Unleash the allure with the Arvasia Ceramic Vase, an embodiment of sophistication and artistry. Crafted in a profound black hue, this large and organic wide-topped masterpiece defies convention, offering a canvas for your imagination to roam freely.

The Arvasia is an abstract vase that is at the pinnacle of modern elegance, its wide opening beckons admiration while providing an ideal stage for bold floral arrangements or the minimalist beauty of solitary blooms.

Intricately sculpted, the ceramic surface boasts a tactile allure, inviting exploration with every touch. The grandeur of its size is balanced by the subtlety of its details, making it a statement piece that effortlessly blends into any space, commanding attention with its unique silhouette.

Invite the spirit of artistic rebellion into your living spaces, as the Arvasia Ceramic Vase transforms your surroundings with its symbol of creativity, where form and function converge in a harmonious celebration of the extraordinary.

  • W20 x D14 x H16 in 
  • W52 x D35 x H40 cm
  • Materials | Ceramic

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